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Statement from Attorney/Mediator Zabriskie

Kris Zabriskie

After 25 years experience as a lawyer in the court room, parenting, experiencing marriage and divorce, being a parent and step-parent, I have come to recognize that resolving conflict through mediation is an invaluable tool to resolve conflict.

I am a certified mediator with many years of practical experience.  I know the enhanced benefits a negotiated settlement can bring having also witnessed the results of a nasty litigation experience.

Whether it be a family law case, a probate dispute, a business conflict, an injury, or any other disagreement, the parties usually have to deal with each other or the consequences of their conflict/actions for years to come.  In family disputes, the children need the support of both parents and their interests to be recognized; in probate, the families need to feel that their loved one’s wishes and their contributions have been acknowledged; in an accident, the victim need to feel whole, and the defendant needs to feel understood; and in business, a hard working partner or associate needs to feel their hard work has been recognized and compensated.  After litigating and listening for many years, I am well aware that there are two sides to every story.  I can provide a safe, structured process where each party can state their position and negotiations can proceed in a respectful, productive manner that hopefully replaces some of the hostility and anxiety with normality and fun.

My mediations have included helping people reach resolution involving business disputes, neighbor conflicts,   parenting plans, child support, custody, divorce, dependencies,   probate, guardianship, adoption, contracts, landlord tenant disputes, and personal injury.