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Case News

Watch Lawyer Steve Olson taking on Farmers Insurance  in Washington Supreme Court. The Washington State Supreme Court decided Cewdell v Farmers Insurance in favor of Our client Bruce Cedell on February 21st 2013. See the video below:

Another significant case tried by Stephen Olson was  Quimby v. City of McCleary which was tried in the Grays Harbor Superior Court. The jury awarded the damagesOf $300,000.00 to the plaintiff based upon the allegation that the city failed to warn her of an impending violent attack. The city had been contacted by another citizen whom the assailant had told of the impending attack. The citizen requested the city police to warn the plaintiff and the city assured the citizen that they would. Unfortunately, the city failed to take reasonable steps to warn the plaintiff and she was eventually violently attacked by her assailant. The jury reduced the $300,000.00 verdict by $50,000.00 becasue of  the plaintiff’s failure to mitigate her damages.